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remain as manifested cargo, and there was never any listed recovery of gold from the wreck with an estimated quantity of over 2,000 oz. still remaining.  If this is the case, in addition to registered treasure, and contraband, it is also likely the Margarita carried an important collection of artifacts representing the life-ways of all the classes of people who sailed aboard this galleon.

The work of Margarita continues.  There is still much to be learned, and recovered, from this fascinating archaeological project.  Even with a good understanding of the primary scatter of this shipwreck, there are still many questions to be answered.  Can we find the remaining lower hull structure of the Margarita​, 

with the wealth of material typically stored in that part of the ship?  How will the treasure recovered from this main area of the wreck tally with the manifests of the Margarita, and Dr. Lyon's estimates?  Did the Margarita carry much contraband, especially non-manifested emeralds, as found on her sister ship, the Atocha​?  What new information can we learn about 17th century salvage activities from the location, and careful mapping and excavation of the remaining main area of the Margarita​ wreck site when it is found?

According to estimates by Dr. Eugene Lyon, a prominent archival consultant for Mel Fisher companies and other prominent shipwreck salvors for more than three decades, a sizable amount of intrinsically valuable cargo remains on the Margarita site.  Dr. Lyon's estimates are for registered cargo only - much more may remain in the form of contraband material.  Dr. Lyon estimates some 69,000 silver coins, 154 silver ingots and 7 bronze cannon 


treasure and artifacts yet to be discovered