The Florida-based rescue goods from shipwrecks, Amelia Research and Recovery, as reported by the press, and some inconveniences: now it has to protect the treasures of searchers gone to the bottom 380 years ago, a Spanish galleon "Santa Margarita".

The ship, the remnants of which lay at the bottom of the Straits of Florida 50 miles west of Key West, found a huge dark emerald, which strangely hit the sink, prilepivshuyusya to board.  The shells found edible shellfish.

A teacher from the town Nort-Florida who refused to give his name, before the rise of "Santa Margarity" on the surface, decided to take their students for a few pits.  And in the school laboratory of one of them fell emerald.  In a rare submarine hunters for honesty teacher reported the discovery company, which has a monopoly on "Santa-Margaritu" in a way that is a major reward, the exact amount of which was not released.  But you can make some assumptions.

The stone-two and a half to four centimetres, weighs more than forty carats.  We know that it produced about 400 years ago in the Colombian mines.  Emerald weighing 77.7 carats, was found in 1985 in another sunken Spanish ship "Neustra Senora de Atocha", was then estimated at 1.2 million dollars.  Given inflation over the past two decades, it is easy to conclude that the stone with 'Santa-Margarity" is now many times larger.

"Santa-Margaritu" found in 1980 known kladoiskatel Mel Fisher.  Since it has already lifted gold and silver to 35 million dollars, but a precious stone found for the first time.  Meanwhile, very similar, that if a good look and get to the caches, production will be much obilnee.  It is known that smugglers driven by galeonah uncut emeralds.

History: "Santa-Margarita" and "Nuestra Senora de Atocha", part of the squadrons of 28 Spanish ships loaded with Colombian emeralds and gold, silver from Mexico and Peru, pearls from Venezuela.  September 6, 1622 brutal storm squadron of between Kaperskimi and Dray-Tortugasskimi islands in the archipelago Florida-Quiz, scattering ships and sink three of them.  And somewhere at the bottom of the sea is still unimaginable treasures.

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