​​Amelia Research & Recovery, LLC

Additional discoveries by Amelia, including a 15 lb. ballast stone found near the unique small anchor, certainly raises our expectations.  Amelia's team believe we will be seeing in the coming weeks additional new findings, hopefully the undiscovered lower hull structure of the Margarita​, with her remaining cache of treasure and artifacts of this historical time.

We believe this unique ancient anchor was too small to have been carried aboard a galleon the size of Margarita or Atocha.  But why is it there, on or near the 11 degree line?  It may well have served as the anchoring weight for a marker buoy placed on the Margarita wreck site by Francisco Melian, the King of Spain's official salvager in the 1620's.  Archival records document, on one of Melian's many return trips to the Margarita wreck site, he could no longer find the chained market buoy he had placed!

We are hoping the marker buoy placed by Melian separated from the chain to which it was tethered, leaving the unique anchor, recently discovered by Amelia, with remaining chain still wrapped around it, at or near the placement of the buoy by Melian in the 1620's to mark the Margarita wreck site.

Following the 11 degree line in a more or less southerly direction from the known area of Margarita wreckage first found in 1980, evidence is mounting we are closing in on fabulous new discoveries.  Compelling new findings are the result of Amelia's work.  We have discovered ballast stones, lead sheeting, bent ship's nails and a smaller, unique anchor wrapped with an ancient chain, all directly on or near the 11 degree line.  His southern area will be explored, also.

Amelia's new magnetometer surveys will be followed by on site work, with Amelia's unique lift boat vessel, the Polly L, conducting physical investigations of the projected path of the Margarita wreckage.  The plan is for Motivation and Amelia to conduct extensive on-site exploration in areas of the Margarita scatter trail, which has not been investigated.  Our primary objective is to locate the yet to be discovered lower hull structure of the Margarita​ wreckage.  If successful, it is likely an important new collection of treasure and artifacts representing the life-ways of all the classes of people who sailed aboard this Galleon, will be discovered.


The santa margarita 2004-2005 expedition

When the Polly L returns to the Marquesas this winter she will be following a new trail to the northern part of the area across the sandbar that has not been worked in modern times.

Amelia Research will use new magnetometer surveys of the extended 11 degrees line on the Margarita site using the latest equipment, Geometrics 881 magnetometer, and marine survey software suite, as part of their equipment.  New target "hits" add to Motivation's years of research, and on-site exploration findings.