Apr 19


Apr 19, 2006



Beautiful 'Polly L'


I was very happy to see a picture of Amelia Island's own "Polly L" with the Viewpoint (April 14). I've been on the Polly L, and I'm amazed at the technology and planning that went into the ship.

It was therefore a shock to read the article written by someone who obviously does not have even a passing knowledge of this ship or its capabilities.

The Polly L won't be polluting anything - it was built for digging for sunken ships and treasure close to shore, and is probably the most environmentally advanced ship in the area, with perhaps the exception of the submarines at Kings Bay. I've been in the restrooms on the ship, and know that it has a holding tank and cleansing processes that make the wastewater far cleaner that what sprays onto island lawns from well water. It manufactures its own freshwater using the same systems that are used on the newest cruise ships, and the crew is meticulous about taking trash ashore. In fact, when I was on board, I saw a ship worker taking a bag of trash off the ship to take to his home garbage can. To say that the Polly L is less than the model of environmental safety would be comical, if it didn't misrepresent the true facts so badly.

The Polly L is the pride and joy of Amelia Research & Recovery, which is a sunken ship and treasure hunting partnership owned by many locals. It is a local business employing local workers, and is one of the things I like best about Amelia Island.

Anyway, thanks for printing a picture of the beautiful Polly L., and shame on the writer for calling her a "barge."

Tish Linsinbigler, Amelia Island