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motivation, inc.


Motivation Inc. was started by the late Mel Fisher as the corporate descendent of Treasure Salvors Inc., which was awarded the rights to the Santa Margarita, 1622, under US Federal Admiralty Law.  Motivation is headed by Mel Fisher's son, Mr. Kim Fisher and his wife, Lee.  Motivation, and the companies which preceded it, have participated in the recoveries of historic period shipwrecks for over four decades.

​Most notably, Motivation was in the forefront of the formation and implementation of the programmatic agreement in the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary, and continues to be active in ongoing issues, reviews and new action plans.  Motivation has, for the last thirty years, explored, excavated and exhibited the material culture (treasures) recovered from the 1622 Fleet shipwrecks.  With ongoing progress on the technological, archaeological and ideological fronts, Motivation has the right equipment, personnel and motivation to conduct ongoing operations on the Santa Margarita site.

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