media coverage

2015 "Treasure ship chosen for 'Blessing of the Fleet'"

Fernandina Observer News

2015 "Shrimp Festival Parade- A photo journal"
Fernandina Observer News

2014 "Silver coin found off Nassau County could be evidence of missing Spanish treasure ship" 

2013 CBS Channel 12 News On Point

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2008 "Treasure Hunters Out to Sea"

The Washington Times  

2008 "X Marks the Spot"

Good Morning America 

​2007 "Treasure hunters take a dive ocean calm, clear along area beaches"

2007 "Hunt begins off Stuart for lost 1715 treasure ship"

2007 "Sunken Treasure"

2007 "Ship searches for sunken treasure off Fla."

2007 "Treasure-huntin' life not all pure gold"

2006 "Beautiful 'Polly L'"

2004 "Treasure Island"

2003 "Not the wealth Schest Dne Morskom"

TPYA Russia

2002 "Santa Margarita 1622-2002 Expedition"

Sinclair Educational Archaeological Research Expeditions, Inc.

2002 "Huge emerald also historically valuable"

The Florida Times Union

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2007 "Search for shipwreck yields no gold - so far"

2007 "Hunt Beings Off Stuart For Lost 1715 Spanish Treasure Ship"

2007 "Florida's Fabulous Treasures"

2004 "Call ends treasure hunt"

2003 "Stationed off Hutchinson Island"

Florida's Fabulous Treasures

2002 "40 Carats in a Conch"

2002 "Million-dollar Emerald Found in a Conch Shell"